The Help Desk has been implemented to assist generators and loads who are specifically interested in wheeling power in South Africa. We have drafted a summary of the NERSA "Wheeling" Regulatory Rules for better understanding and simplicity for Wheelers.  The Help Desk will help Wheelers with setting up contracts, technical and project management issues, legal and regulatory requirements on wheeling.

There are wheeling reference documents available to Clients for more information on wheeling. There is also a Consultant database with key people and companies with different expertise on wheeling who can assist generators with any wheeling related queries. SAIPPA will not be responsible for any commercial relationship between the Client and the selected Consultant. Clients are advised to pick a consultant according to the assistance they need regarding wheeling. The Consultant and the Clients both need to be SAIPPA members.

The Help Desk will run a pilot during February. For Clients who have queries, they can reach out to the Help Desk via email, contacting the Help Desk representative and completing a Client’s enquiry questionnaire. 

Question Sheet

This is available for completion by the enquirer for a detailed enquiry/problem statement to be analysed by the Help Desk representatives.

Membership Access

There is a list of Wheeling reference documents available for SAIPPA member-use only. For clients seeking assistance from the Help Desk they will only be able to access the file if they SAIPPA members. To apply for SAIPPA membership click here